Jobxl Construction Sudan

Jobxl Construction

+20 Years Experience in the Construction field in Sudan

Jobxl Construction is an engineering company based in Khartoum, Sudan. Established in 2001 as a main supplier and installer of a wide range of building systems and services.

Building And Constrution

Extensive and high quality renovations and building services for businesses, housing companies and public sector.

Total Perimeter Solutions

Our Perimeter solutions cover three major areas : Fencing systems , Access control systems, and Advanced defence systems.

Coastal And River Control

Everthing from taming rivers, limiting erosion’s effects, coastal protection and repair, to protecting your pipes and cables.

Basal Reinforcement

When embankments are to be constructed for a road, railway, airport… etc, there is a risk of differential settlement. This can be controlled by the construction of a basal platform.

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